Note: This document is for an older version of the Gro API Client. Please see the latest documentation.

Anaconda Additional Information

  1. If your username includes spaces, as is common on Windows systems, you are not allowed to install Anaconda in the default path (C:Users<your-username>Anaconda3)
    1. See this Anaconda link for additional information.

  2. If you install Anaconda outside of the default path, then you will need to update the config for the jupyter notebook default directory as outlined below:
    1. Go to the default path (C:Users/<your-username>)

    2. Open the .jupyter folder (pay attention to the ‘dot’ before the name)

    3. Open the following file using a text editor:

    4. Edit the following line

      #c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir = u" change it to: c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir = 'C:\Your\Path' Note: Be careful not to leave an empty space in the line when you delete the ‘#’ character, the first character on that line is ‘c’

    5. Save the file

    6. Relaunch Anaconda Navigator

    7. Launch jupyter notebook

  3. See the following link from Anaconda if you have a proxy

  4. See the following link from Anaconda if you have a firewall