quick_start.py is a simple script that creates an authenticated GroClient object and uses the api.client.gro_client.GroClient.get_data_series() and api.client.gro_client.GroClient.get_data_points() methods to find Area Harvested series for Ukrainian Wheat from a variety of different sources, and outputs the time series points to a CSV file. You will likely want to revisit this script as a starting point for building your own scripts.

Note that the script assumes you have your authentication token set to a GROAPI_TOKEN environment variable see Saving your token as an environment variable. If you don’t wish to use environment variables, you can modify the sample script to set ACCESS_TOKEN in some other way.

Just simply run the following from your terminal:

$ python quick_start.py

If the API client is installed and your authentication token is set, a CSV file called gro_client_output.csv should be created in the directory where the script was run.