Note: This document is for an older version of the Gro API Client. Please see the latest documentation.

Data Series Definition

Gro defines a “data series” as a series of data points over time. Each data series is defined by a unique selection of:

  • metric

  • item

  • region

  • partner_region (optional)

  • frequency

  • source

For example, if you select item=Wheat, metric=Production Quantity (mass), region=India, frequency=Annual, source=FAO, that would be one data series. Partner_region is optional and used only in series that represent a flow between two places, e.g. if the metric is exports, the region would be the exporter and the partner_region would be the importer.

To get all the available data series for a given selection of entities, use the get_data_series function as described in the Searching Data section.